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As can be seen from our logo - we are an Aerial Data Acquisition business. In simple terms, we collect information from above. This information can be collected in a number of forms but is most often delivered as photographic or videographic images.


Aerial Photography is a photographic technique to acquire vertical or oblique ground photos or videos taken from an aerial platform. This is a highly specialised field and Aerospec has the expertise to carry out this type of mission. Aerial photos are generally used for mapping and surveillance purposes. Aerial videos are generally used in films and adverts. Video and photos acquired with our equipment contain a significant amount of data beyond the pure visual image. The ability to extract this data and process it in conjunction with the image provides a much bigger “picture”. Some examples of services are: -


Civil Infrastructure Planning and Designing:


Topographic mapping and survey

Alignment survey

Highways/Road Construction and Maintenance

Land Records


3D modelling,

Orthomosaic map construction

River/Canal Development and Maintenance

Boundary surveys

Urban Planning and Designing:


Urban mapping

Road infrastructure planning

Asset management

Lightning conductor design


Utility mapping

Orthomosaic map construction

Artistic mock ups




Land management

Forestry mapping

Vegetation Cover Measurement and Analysis

NDVI crop health monitoring

Livestock auditing

Crop inspection

Marketing and Advertising:


Ad video and still photography

Property marketing

Website media input


Residential imaging

Promo photography and video



Roof & chimney inspection

Solar panel monitoring

Bridge inspection

Tower and mast inspection

Turbine blade inspection

Power line and transformer inspection

Post Processing & support:


Video editing

Photo enhancement / editing, printing and framing

NDVI processing & reporting

DVD compilation, copying and packaging

Survey processing

Volumetric calculations

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